About Us

Glass Block Headquarters was incorporated in January of 2004. Since then we have been committed to providing the best quality product to all of our customers at our very competitive price points. We strive to provide top of the line customer service, making sure that you are getting the exact products that you need in a timeframe that will work well for you. Our pre-built windows are backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty, and when we install windows the workmanship is backed by a limited lifetime warranty as well, proving that we are committed to delivering high-quality products in every transaction. 

We have a talented team that has the experience and expertise required to deal with any situation. Nearing two decades of industry experience, there is rarely a situation that occurs that we have not seen before. No one will ever hesitate to escalate any situation to someone else if they cannot resolve it themselves.

At Glass Block Headquarters, we were one of the first companies in the industry to build our windows using clear G.E. silicone, a bonding agent that not only brings in additional light compared to traditional mortar joints, but also the bond created using this silicone is virtually indestructible, very flexible and will not deteriorate or discolor as mortar built windows will do over time. 

Having been in business for some time, our product catalog has expanded to give customers the diversity of choices that they want.