Are Glass Block Showers Easy to Clean?

One of the most common types of glass block projects that we do for architects and contractors are installations of shower walls. It’s completely understandable as they have many benefits. It provides a great source of natural light, providing many different patterns to choose from. It also makes a nice change of pace from the usual ceramic tiles that showers often use for their walls.

This is potentially a project that you’re interested in, but you might wonder from a long-term perspective: are glass block showers easy to clean?

The short answer is no. Keeping your walls properly maintained is not difficult, and frankly not time consuming. It just needs to be done correctly, and there are some errors people often make in cleaning their showers. The good news: We’re here to help.

How to Clean Your Glass Block Shower

The most important aspect of cleaning your glass block shower is protecting the mortar. The mortar requires basic maintenance like anything. Before you get into cleaning it, it’s important to make sure it is waterproofed. Fortunately, this is a simple process.  

It’s recommended to waterproof the mortar at minimum every two years. You’ll want an external type water proofer, available on Amazon or many of your local stores. You want to apply it over the mortar. Remove any excessive sealer from glass surfaces soon after applying. Waterproofing it alone will maintain much of the beauty of your glass block.

If you’re looking to build the glass block wall, it’s also recommended to use an integral type of water repellent, a hydroxide powder that’s mixed in with dry mortar mix. Avoid mixing with wet mortar mix.

When you clean the mortar joints you just want to use water and a simple mild detergent that has no coloring. Some people make the mistake of using colored cleaning agents that can discolor the white mortar. Other products you want to avoid are ammonia and bathroom chemicals. These don’t mix well with mortar, and also discolor it, giving it a moldy color.

If you use the proper products, cleaning and maintaining your shower is easy.

The Products Needed:

  • Mortar sealant
  • Mild detergent
  • Water
  • Small brush to reach the joints
  • A little elbow grease